Sunday, October 5, 2008

Giovanni Singing

Giovanni has been singing at the Tempe Marketplace lately, which I think is so amazing! 100`s of people get to hear him each time he sings because it`s an outdoor stage:

He actually sang at the Grand Opening, which we have footage of. I`ll have to put that up on YouTube... but, lately they`ve been asking Gio and 602 Rising/Static to play there more often. I wish I had some better pictures, but you get the idea:

Always singing the infamous "Happy Birthday" song to someone:

He`s just so amazing!! I love you baby, keep doing the damn thang!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eli`s First Birthday

My baby is so adorable! How sickening it is to heart this over and over, I`m sure, but I can`t help it! For Eli`s first birthday Gio thought it best to have a party (I think the family would have killed over if we didn`t). At first I was totally not into it... I`ve had at least 18 kid parties already, so I`m kind of over it already, but it is Gio`s first baby, so I get it... it`s just, I feel like the baby doesn`t care, so what are we really doing here? Sending out an invite for a present? Can`t we just skip the formalities and ask for a gift? "What does Eli want for his first birthday?" hrm, I dunno, a box of tissues, a pile of dirt, I know, money! Hahaha...

In spite of my initial lack of enthusiasm, party time came and I was finding myself feeling excited when the party finally started. I think the party girl deep inside never dies... the tired, overworked, mother of 3 just overtakes her sometimes...

Sweet baby Eli saved the day... with dozens of friends and family crammed in our house, Eli crawled around in a sort of baby hospitable way, smiling and clapping the whole while. There`s no question Eli definitely came from parents who love to socialize and entertain! He was a ham the whole day... No lack of food and sleep could stop him!

I have to say, the cupcake was the cutest thing I`ve ever seen...

The whole party sang and laughed as Eli put on his show.

So, happy birthday wonder baby, Mamma and Daddy love you...