Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Birthday Surprise

Ashton totally took me by surprise earlier this year when he decided to join the Orchestra and play the violin! He`s never really shown a lot of interest in sports, so I am happy that he has found his niche in music! For his 11th birthday he asked for an electric guitar. Since I think it`s important to provide kids with the opportunity, if it`s feasible, I bought Ashton his very first guitar:

His birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and he loves his guitar! He plays it every day. Now we have a drum set, acoustic and electric guitars, a violin and hopefully soon a piano!

During this already busy holiday season, it`s also my birthday (today! Happy Birthday to me)! So, last night Gio took me to Kona Grill for dinner (YUM!) and to see The Nutcracker! How adorable is my boyfriend? It was so sweet and unexpected. I adore you Gio, really! He also sent me flowers and took me shopping. I am a lucky girl.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remebering to Enjoy the Simple Moments

Everywhere we go people comment on how happy Eli is. He truly is a happy baby! Gio`s parents had a church picnic last Sunday and they brought their dog Sammy. Eli loves animals, and Gio`s dad let Eli walk Sammy.... It was hilarious as between Eli`s new shoes and the dog`s fast pace, Eli kept falling, but he was laughing all the while:

Let Eli be a reminder, never stop enjoying the simple things in life! Eli seems to enjoy each new experience to it`s fullest! Kids are such a blessing and so pure and full of joy! We feel so blessed to be able to experience life in a new way again with Eli around. Can you remember when something as simple as walking a dog made you laugh out loud?

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Busy Weekend

Hot, dusky wind
The air smells like barbecue and sweet corn
People are everywhere
We stare, everyone wearing everything
People yell at you like they wouldn`t elsewhere
It`s like you`re in a movie from a time that no longer exists
More kids crying and confused, then laughing freely
It`s hot
The baby wants to get down and play
Pizza, popcorn, cold beer
Animals, "that`s good eatin right there..."
One girl puked
Cheap sunglasses, leather wallets, stuffed animals too big for your truck
Bob Marley music and shirts for sale
It`s a fun time, the state fair

So, if you can guess, we went to the Arizona State Fair yesterday. We had fun. The camera battery forgot to charge itself and we only had my phone. Basically we saw cows and rode a couple of rides. Eli wanted to run around, but hates wearing his new shoes. He doesn`t know how bad it feels to run on pavement with no shoes I guess. We decided it was best not to take him to Disneyland after all (told you so babe). So, anyways.... Halloween was fun and stuff, it just doesn`t seem quite right. It`s 200 degrees outside and it`s already November. Isn`t it supposed to be cold outside by now? I totally had fun, I guess the surprisingly hot weather is still throwing me off tilt. I mean, it just seems like spring, not fall. It`s just hard to believe it`s "the holiday season", probably my Utah roots... Nothing like the changing leaves and the first snowfall... 4 seasons in all their brilliance, just the way God intended.

Speaking of what God intended, check out our Halloween costumes, LOL...