Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson: A Tribute

I`ve been watching his genius on MTV and VH1 and I`m just in total awe. Everything he put out was so unique and ahead of it`s time. I am just blown away... I told Gio "He is so interesting and fascinating to me"... he laughed. Of course I knew this all along, but to see his life through videos`s and all of the brilliant creatives, just left me feeling like I needed to celebrate his life a little more...
So, I went out in search of an MJ tribute montage. I found this:

The lyrics are so powerful and this song was put out so soon, I had to know more. YOu can read all about this song here. But here are the highlights:

Here is the Michael Jackson Tribute Song, ‘Better On The Other Side lyrics, video; new music featuring The Game, Usher, Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, and Boyz II Men. The track was produced by DJ Khalil and completed on the morning of June 26, 2009 with its radio debut that same morning.

The song pays homage to the musical genius and towering legacy of The King of Pop, mere hours after his untimely death on June 25, 2009 at age 50.

The Michael Jackson Tribute song Better on the Other Side lyrics, music and production were completed in a remarkably short time, with The Game instigating the project. DJ Skee told MTV News:

“I told Game yesterday that Michael Jackson died, and he didn’t believe me. He said, ‘I’ll call you right back…Then this morning, he hit me with this track, and I immediately started blasting it out. Game was in the studio with Diddy at the time I called. He reached out to Chris Brown and Usher and also got Boyz II Men, who so happened to be recording in the same studio.”

Source: The Game, Diddy, Chris Brown Record Michael Jackson Tribute Song.

The lyrics are so powerful....

The Michael Jackson Tribute song "Better on the Other Side":

[Diddy talking]
I remember the first time I seen you moonwalk,
I believed I could do anything,
you made the world dance,
you made the music come to life

[Chris brown - Chorus]
This the type of song that make the angels cry,
i look up in the sky and i wonder why?
why you had to go, go
I know its better on the other side,
you were chosen from the start
never gon’ let you go,

[The Game]
Who’s Michael Jackson,
You’re Michael Jackson,
I’m Michael Jackson,
We all Michael Jackson,
I guess what Im asking is everybody bow their head for a legend dont breathe for a second,
now let the air out, grab the hand of somebody you care about,
so you can hear my message, my confession,
someone tell Usher, I seen the moonwalk, I guess the young thriller touched him, like he touched me, like he touched you,
so carry on his legacy, something i must do, so i trust you lighting candles, concrete visuals, me and my brothers listen to Jackson 5 in the living room,
first thing i did when i heard was call Puff,
cos him and Mike tried to stop the beef between us,
who was us? Me and Fifty, that beef is dead, him and Mike Jackson gonna take us to the ledge.


As I’m pouring out this liquor candles start to flicker,
when list (?) my air ones, MJ was my nier.
Not the one that play ball, the one with the Hollywood star,
and since I’m a Hollywood star Imma tell you my story,
never had a family that close, never see Barry Gordy walking through interscope,
just like me they always had Mike in a scope,
no matter what you say,
imma love him and hes still dope,
let me take you back to 85 when i was in a zone, dancing for my momma thriller jacket with all the zippers on,
now I’m doing 90 bout to crash in this Aston,
listening to Outcast, I’m sorry Mrs Jackson
anything I can ever do to better you your son was our king so we wont Coretta you,
I’m writing this letter to all the Jackson kids, we all Jackson kids, time to let us through.


[Boys II Men]
This the kind of song that make the angels cry,
look up in the sky and ask God, why o why why
Do we live and let die
This the kind of song that make the angels cry,
look up in the sky and ask God, why o why why
Do we live and let, live and let die.
[Lyrics courtesy of]


Michael Jackson press conference in London





Let us not forget his real message and CELEBRATE the good he did:

RIP MJ, may only the good be remembered...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Before I Cheat" by Joe

Gio likes to watch video`s of some of his favorite singers on YouTube before he has a show. Watching other live performers inspires him. I often see him watching James Brown, Brian McKnight and Musiq Soulchild... a lot of the old greats. He was searching for some new stuff and came across this version of "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood but reworked by Joe. He`s calling it "Before I Cheat":

I love this version. Thought I`d share.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Renee and Jenny - BFF`s

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Black or white
Straight or gay
Old or young
Serious or funny
Believer or skeptic
Drunk or sober

Nothing can interfere with 14 years and counting...

How can we forget?

L Camino`s
Janet Jackson
Club Rio (tooooo many drinks)
Engine engine number nine...
I love it when you call me big papa
Sorry Ms. Jackson
Olive Garden Wine samples
Drop ya glasses, shake ya asses - EVE!
David McKinnon
Mike, Brandon, Marcus, Pat
Jason Cox <--- Can I borrow some sugar?
Mill Ave.
Tons of random small things as gifts
Your b-day on Thanksgiving and my parents
MILF (gas station)
Haircuts with Aimee
Denzel Washington
Gio`s shows
Destiny`s Child... we hugged them!
The Ladies Tour, wine at PF Changs!
Babysitting Eli
Hours at the front door
You getting in trouble for me calling after 8 PM, LOL
The b-day book I made you
Workin at TLB
40`s (Said like fowdy)

How many more memories can we think of??? So many I forget....




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