Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guide to Romance & Chivalry

 I stumbled across this, thought it might be a good thought provoking piece for those that could use a little romance - male or female....

Guide to Romance & Chivalry

  1. Treat your love like royalty.
  2. Whisk her away from responsibilities and surprise her with clandestine, romantic destinations.
  3. At the first shiver, wrap her up in your coat.
  4. Compliment her in front of her mother, sisters, friends and co-workers.
  5. Craft and mail a handwritten love letter for her to discover amongst the bills.
  6. Spend at least the first fifteen minutes of your morning holding her in your arms.
  7. Carry her picture in your wallet.
  8. Sacrifice a little.
  9. Confess your affections on paper - Send them to her office marked "personal and confidential".
  10. Take a moment to place "your song" in the CD player of her car.
  11. Conspire to have the pianist play her favorite song when she enters the restaurant.
  12. Take things slowly; true intimacy develops over time.
  13. Allow yourself to be a servant.
  14. Always look for ways to make her smile.
  15. Learn how she takes her coffee - Have it ready when she wakes in the morning.
  16. Never stop flirting with her.
  17. Never give her reason to believe you are flirting with someone else.
  18. Take time along the way to reminisce about your love story together.
  19. Lean into to her and gently whisper in her ear.
  20. Give her only the most sincere and genuine of compliments.
  21. Take her in your arms and dance with her - in the kitchen, the parking lot - anywhere.
  22. Never wait for a holiday to shower her with affection - Love her today.
  23. Listen.
  24. Use the element of fire (candlelight, roaring fireplaces) to ignite a mood of passion.
  25. Draw her a warm and fragrant bubble bath drenched with rose petals.
  26. Always keep your promises to her.
  27. Deliver the flowers yourself.
  28. Caress her hand, her shoulder, her cheek to remind her how lovely she is.
  29. Tell her how much you desperately need her.
  30. Give for the sake of giving - Do not expect anything in return.
  31. Stargaze with her.
  32. Be sentimental - Return to places together where special moments and fond memories linger.
  33. Present her with an heirloom as rich in its pricelessness as her beauty.
  34. Live in the moment - Spontaneity is the breath of romance.
  35. Propose a toast to her every time you drink champagne together.
  36. Introduce her to others with undeniable pride.
  37. Learn the passions of her life - Then be a part of them.
  38. Ask what she desires.
  39. Touch and delight all of her passionate senses - enhance the romance of what she sees, hears, smells, tastes and touches.
  40. Plant her a garden of her favorite flowers - Care for it with the same tenderness you feel for her.
  41. Never wait for nightfall - Romance should live at all hours.
  42. Create moments that will live in both of your memories for a lifetime.
  43. Seek ways to add excitement to her normal routine.
  44. Take care of dinner tonight.
  45. Memorize her face before you part company.
  46. Tell others why she is so beautiful.
  47. Celebrate her victories, successes and accomplishments.
  48. Never hold back - True romance cannot be rationed.
  49. Celebrate the girl within her - Push her in a swing - Fly a kite with her.
  50. Create your own personal romantic traditions.
  51. Love her with your eyes.
  52. Lead with her best interest in your heart.
  53. Stand when she enters the room - The love of your life just walked in.
  54. Smile across the room at her - Let her know you cannot wait to be at her side.
  55. Never rush the moment - Savor every second with her.
  56. Apologize - Pride has no place in matters of the heart.
  57. Always open the door for her.
  58. When she travels, send flowers to her destination to greet her when you cannot.
  59. Never overlook the obvious - Do not hesitate to give her life's smallest pleasures.
  60. Kiss her good-bye - Always.
  61. Greet her with a kiss - Without fail.
  62. Help your beloved on and off with her coat.
  63. Tell her you want to be alone with her - Let nothing stand in your way of making it happen.
  64. Learn some of her fantasies - Then make them realities.
  65. Dare to take big risks.
  66. Plan a rendezvous with her to take place a year from now - Let her know this romance is here to stay.
  67. Know what she finds irresistible - Then indulge her.
  68. Let yourself miss her - Then tell her.
  69. Remember every reason why you fell in love with her.
  70. Put your watch, cell phone and the remote control in a drawer before spending time with her - Then lock the drawer.
  71. Ask her to fly away with you - Let her know you have already bought the tickets.
  72. Swallow your pride - Settle all your arguments before bedtime.
  73. Take photographs to treasure someday when your memory begins to fail.
  74. Sincerity, selflessness, tenderness, passion and compassion are the five senses of romance.
  75. Remember that all great love stories do not have endings.

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Giovanni said...

Beautiful! ...This is a perfect representation of true love and a passionate relationship..Every couple should read this...Nice post sweetie:-D