Thursday, February 24, 2011

Planning a Trip to Amsterdam....

I have been thinking about traveling abroad for the last few years. I am so busy, it;'s hard to even begin to consider planning a trip... what with work, the kids and all. But, I ran across this site today: and it got me to thinking... what about a trip to Amsterdam?

The site says:

"As the capital of Holland, Amsterdam is famous for its diversity and tolerance as well as its architecture, design and art. Amsterdam is a must-visit destination for art lovers. With museums dedicated to Van Gogh and Rembrandt among other Dutch Masters, there is certainly plenty of art in Amsterdam from which to choose. Architecture buffs will marvel at the 17th-century canal houses in the city center and the modern buildings that dot the man-made peninsulas in the Eastern Docklands. Internationally renowned for innovation, experimentation and sheer beauty in areas such as urban planning, industrial design, and graphic design, Amsterdam is the place to discover Dutch design. Amsterdam restaurants feature a gamut of cuisines; try the Indonesian rice table or delicious Dutch pancakes."

Art, Design, Museums?!? I'm so there. Oh, and I can only imagine the Amsterdam Restaurants are incredible too, and you know I am all about the food.

Everything looks amazing there... look at this page: Amsterdam design The design is fresh and modern... I could get lost in a place like this in just the design galleries... look at this:

I LOVE those chairs!!!

Anyone ever been to Amsterdam? Any tips?

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Robert said...

I wonder if they offer a cruise to Amsterdam. That would be off the hook!