Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Little Bit About Me

Last night I started thinking about my need to share. I have always processed my thoughts "out loud" weather it be through talking with my friends and family, singing, writing poetry or journaling. I have a b log for work and i have a blog for my poetry, but I still feel this need to write and share! So, this is my blog for "everything else"... where anything and everything goes.

A little about me, Jenny:

I have 3 amazing kids:

Ashton, who is 10:

Abi who is 8:

And, Eli, who is 9 months:

I can`t even begin to explain how each one has changed my life, helped teach me who I am and, of course, brought me unimaginable JOY!

I love being a Mommy and have often times said I know I was born to be a Mom. Well, it hasn`t always been easy, and some, knowing how early I started, would question if I`ve always felt this way. But, even when I was young and afraid, pregnant for the first time, I knew.

Mommy is a big identifier with me, naturally. But, I feel like I`ve always been a Mom, it`s hard to remember a time I wasn`t. That might explain the Motherly instincts I have with my boyfriend...


We`ve had about 4 years together now. He has been compassionate, loving, caring, understanding, and all in all, a great guy. He met me after I had been in and out a few unhealthy relationships, and was there for me when everything seemed to be falling apart. He`s been like a step dad to my older kids, always showing them respect and love. Now he is a stay at home dad with Eli, and even watches the older kids while they are out of school. On top of all of that, he is an amazing vocalist and entertainer. He sings every weekend with a band called 602 Rising. He truly is an inspired person. I love him deeply.

During the week my time is mostly spent at work. I am the Strategic Sales Director for an internet marketing firm here is Gilbert, Arizona. I head up the sales and customer service staff. It`s a very demanding job and does take a lot of my energy. I love what I do though, and I know I`m really good at it. It`s comforting to have job security and to know that I can support m family. I couldn`t always say that.

There are lots of things I am passionate about. I love yoga, reading, writing, cooking, red wine, music, dancing, singing, traveling.... I really could go on and on. There`s something inside of me that thirsts for the new, weather it be trying new foods, traveling to new places, making new friends or thinking in a whole new way.

I consider myself very open minded. I am on an eternal quest to find my own spiritual path. I keep quotes, books, CD`s, movies and people all around me that inspire me and help guide me to my own spiritual awaking.

I feel like you become like those you associate with, so I think it is extremely important to surround yourself with positive people.

Today I am on a quest. My house is messy and my baby needs me... so I am off to play SUPER MOM.... but, I hope this is the start of something BIG, something new for you too!

Happy reading!


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