Wednesday, September 24, 2008

American Idol SUCKS

So, Giovanni is HANDS DOWN the BEST singer I have ever known. No joke. The first time I heard him sing I was in total awe, and anyone who knows me knows I`m his biggest fan, always bragging about him... (it`s probably annoying now that I think about it). Anyways, I digress... SO, Gio has tried out for American Idol again this year (it was the 3rd time) and he got passed through the first few rounds. They gave him a "golden ticket" to come back a month later, which was today. So, he`s been preparing for a whole month; mentally, physically and, of course, vocally. He was 100% prepared and went in confidently. First few judges passed him, no problem, then he had to sing for this old British dude. All the guy said was, "You aren`t what the show is looking for".
WHAT??? This show isn`t looking for TALENT? I`m seriously in total shock! Anyone who knows him can see what an incredible singer he is! He gets paid to sing for goodness sake! He`s been a professional singer for 8 years! People pay him to sing at weddings, concerts, birthdays, church and for charity events.. he get paid to sing on other artists albums! He sang at many Phoenix Suns games, did charity events with Queen Latifah and Earth Wind and Fire! My point is (I could go on an on, but none of you need the whole bio) the STUPID SHOW is totally rigged! I`m telling you! You gotta be fat, too tall, goofy, stupid, horrible at singing, Rastafarian, in the military, bald, blind or something else outrageous! They aren`t looking for TALENTED SINGERS! They are looking to meet a freaking quota! It`s a reality TV show that needs ratings, and they`ll try anything... using the contestants as bait. That show has totally gone down hill! The group songs are a joke. Half the contestants can`t even sing (can someone say Sanjiah? Or, what about the winner, Taylor Hicks? What the hell happened to that guy?!!?)
On top of all of that, their contract is absolutely ridiculous. They reserve the right to completely embarrass you at any given time. They control how you dress, what you sing, how you wear your hair, where you go... basically your every move, for the next 3 years. It`s insane! Then you are stuck on tour with a bunch of karaoke singers for the next year and you have to dance like your on High School Musical for a bunch of teeny boppers....
Gio, your better off doing it your way anyways. We just gotta save enough money to put out your album. Who needs bogus reality TV anyways? Your fans will love and respect the fact that you worked hard and persevered! Look out world, Giovanni Amato will be the next American Idol and it won`t be because of a stupid TV show!

I love you baby!! ROCK ON!!!!


Giovanni said...

I coundn't agree with you more sweetie. Thanks babe for your support. Your right, i don't need that show to be successful. It's only making me stronger and want to prove them wrong. There is sumthin bigger and better for me, i know it, and believe it! love you sweetie. xoxox

Simple Irony said...

I love you too baby cakes. You know how they say God works in mysterious ways.... it`s all for the best I`m sure!!! Gotta have faith and it`ll work out!