Sunday, September 28, 2008

Register and Vote!!

We will decide what happens on November 4th over the next few days. Voter registration deadlines are looming in most states. If you aren`t registered to vote, you only have a few days left! If you are registered, encourage others to as well. It`s easy and can be done right online. The people you encourage to register could decide this election!!!

Let's make sure Barack Obama wins on November 4th and doesn`t default to McCain simply because more Republicans are registered!!!!!

To get registered to vote or make sure your friends are registered, go here:

DO IT!!!! We need a change and that change can only happen if enough voters register and get to the polls on election day to vote Obama! Right now there are more republicans registered then democrats and you know what that could mean!!!!!!!

REGISTER and VOTE people! No excuses!! You owe it to your country! People fought and died so you could have the right to vote! Don`t let their efforts be in vane!

Watch "A More Perfect Union"

and Yes We Can by

Need more info on Obama? Go to:

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