Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remebering to Enjoy the Simple Moments

Everywhere we go people comment on how happy Eli is. He truly is a happy baby! Gio`s parents had a church picnic last Sunday and they brought their dog Sammy. Eli loves animals, and Gio`s dad let Eli walk Sammy.... It was hilarious as between Eli`s new shoes and the dog`s fast pace, Eli kept falling, but he was laughing all the while:

Let Eli be a reminder, never stop enjoying the simple things in life! Eli seems to enjoy each new experience to it`s fullest! Kids are such a blessing and so pure and full of joy! We feel so blessed to be able to experience life in a new way again with Eli around. Can you remember when something as simple as walking a dog made you laugh out loud?


The Hansen Family said...

He is SO CUTE!! I love that little doll baby.

Liz said...

Aw little man walking the puppy! That is so stinking cute! He is such a happy boy. He makes me wish all babies were that sweet!