Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Birthday Surprise

Ashton totally took me by surprise earlier this year when he decided to join the Orchestra and play the violin! He`s never really shown a lot of interest in sports, so I am happy that he has found his niche in music! For his 11th birthday he asked for an electric guitar. Since I think it`s important to provide kids with the opportunity, if it`s feasible, I bought Ashton his very first guitar:

His birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and he loves his guitar! He plays it every day. Now we have a drum set, acoustic and electric guitars, a violin and hopefully soon a piano!

During this already busy holiday season, it`s also my birthday (today! Happy Birthday to me)! So, last night Gio took me to Kona Grill for dinner (YUM!) and to see The Nutcracker! How adorable is my boyfriend? It was so sweet and unexpected. I adore you Gio, really! He also sent me flowers and took me shopping. I am a lucky girl.

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tatiana_qkd said...

you are so awesome. you totally deserve to be spoiled. You lucky girl......Gio is so cute to you. I love how you were surprised at work. I love you sis.