Saturday, July 31, 2010

New American Idol Judges?

So, if you know me personally, you probably know my boyfriend Giovanni Amato is a singer – and you probably know he tried out for American Idol. For those of you who don't already know the story, its kinda sad… Not to rehash it here, but he made it past several rounds and we really thought he had a chance to take it all of the way. But, turns out the show is just that, a show – and a reality show at that. So, although it may appear to be a process of elimination to ultimately get only the very best talent on the show – it is far from that. In a nutshell, they already had someone a lot like him for the show, so they didn't need him. It clearly had nothing to do with his talent and abilities, but moreover his personality and looks (which, BTW, are just as qualified as his voice – but that's a whole other blog post – love ya baby). Sure, you'd expect some amount of politics in any reality TV show casting, but it was really unfortunately to have to personally go through that and it really left a lot of us with a bad taste in our mouth and a certain loss in the enchantment we once had for the show.

That said, many family and friends have already stopped watching the show. We thought about skipping it this last year, but we are both singers and reality TV addicts (love Hell's Kitchen, So You Think You Can Dance, The Next Food Network Star, Design Star, etc) so, we found ourselves watching it again…. And, we love Ellen DeGeneres and I think she added a realness and, of course, humor, to the show… that's why I was SHOCKED to see this pop up on my MSN news yesterday:

Kara DioGuardi Reportedly Fired From 'Idol'

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez said to be replacements

Kara DioGuardi has been fired from "American Idol" — and is set to be replaced by Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, according to a new report.

The revolving door of judges on the TV talent show is spinning once again — DioGuardi is said to have been booted from the judging panel as part of the producers' ongoing cast shake-up. reports that TV bosses have finalized deals to recruit both Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, who will join Randy Jackson for a three-judge format on the upcoming 10th season, due to premiere in January.

The news follows Ellen DeGeneres' shock announcement on Thursday that she is stepping down from her judging role after just one series on the show, replacing Paula Abdul.

Simon Cowell, who has been with the show since its 2002 inception, quit to concentrate on launching a new series, "The X Factor."
So, Kara is fired, Ellen is quitting and we already knew, but Simon is gone!


Now it's said that it'll be Randy and Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez! Wow… I kinda like the new line up. What do you think?


My Two B's said...

I do too! I think that if they stay true to themselves as artists and musicians it can be a really great show. Its so unfortunate all of the politics and behind the scenes things that goes on with these kind of shows. Doesnt America think that it would be entertaining to see the REAL "reality" on these shows?! I think that it would make for a much more interesting and enjoyable show if it wasnt so fake.

Jenny Stradling said...

Amen sista!